Our Commitment

At F&Co, our professionals are dedicated to the highest ethical and professional standards. These standards have become our “operating standards,” and we use them to judge and assess our performance on each engagement. They were designed primarily with clients, such as your organization, in mind. They are presented to clients in every proposal and demonstrated by our professionals during engagement execution. Also, we understand that we must be flexible in their application during engagements, so we adapt to the varying environments and personalities of each of our clients. The main elements of our “operating standards” include:

Direct Dialogue – We have face-to-face meetings with key management to ascertain your expected level of service, dates of deliverables, anticipated areas of difficulty, timing of fieldwork procedures, etc. In order to exceed your expectations, we must know them!

Proactive Participation – We obtain a thorough understanding of your needs, document them, establish a timeline, and expected dates of report delivery. We schedule periodic meetings between our engagement team and your management to discuss our performance to-date and the status of outstanding or potential issues.

Friendly and Flexible Staff – We will make every effort to ensure that our staff is personable and that your experience with F&Co is a pleasurable one. We will maintain some flexibility in our staff schedule to ensure that resources are available to meet your deadlines. In addition, all of our professionals are committed to open communication.

Accurate Reports and Feedback – We accurately deliver our reports and other deliverables promptly after fieldwork is complete and according to your expectations and deadlines. In addition to providing practical recommendation, we also proactively seek feedback and comments from our clients and resolve any matters or concerns before issuance of final reports or other deliverables.

Timely  Reports and  Filings – We promptly and timely deliver any deliverable and tax filings that are agreed upon in our proposal in advance of any due dates and reasonable expectation, and extensions will only be requested when absolutely necessary and when in your best interest.

Staff Stability We make every attempt to ensure staff continuity on our engagements, which helps to ensure efficiency and facilitate better client relationships. Our objective is to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients.

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