Expert Tax, Accounting and Financial Services in Northern Virginia

Frye & Company, CPAs (F&Co) provides full-service accounting, tax and financial advisory services in Northern Virginia. Each of our expert, client-focused CPAs and financial advisors has a minimum of 15 years’ experience guiding clients through what can be a complex maze assurance services and advisory services. Our Managing Director of Assurance Services handles financial statement audits, reviews, financial accounting, reporting, indirect cost allocation plans and overhead rates. At the same time, our Managing Director of Advisory Services handles all financial planning, tax and wealth accumulation matters. Our Advisory Services team offers consulting services, tax planning and forecasting, business coaching, employee benefit plans, deferred compensation arrangement, accounting system reviews and requirements. We are committed to helping growing businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government contractors and a wide variety of agencies across Northern Virginia to make wise, ethical financial moves to thrive and grow, even thru challenging times. For trusted guidance in all financial matters, contact us to get started today: (703) 257-0660.

Financial Audits & Reviews

F&Co guides clients through a constantly-changing regulatory and business environment to ensure our clients have access to the best financial audits and reviews services in Northern Virginia. Auditing and assurance services are crucial to ensuring transparency, accuracy, reliability. Most businesses, agencies and not-for-profit organizations require an independent, outside firm with the auditing and assurance expertise to keep them streamlined and within ethical and regulatory guidelines. Our Certified Public Accountants provide this needed review and expertise to give you peace of mind that you are on the right track with all of your financial needs. Our financial audits and reviews services include: 

  • Audits, reviews, compiling financial reports
  • Special purpose financial statement auditing
  • Employee benefit plan audits and reviews
  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence
  • Fraud assessments and audits
  • Uniform Guidance audits
  • Limited scope engagement (bank examinations)
  • Forecasts and financial projections and modeling

Our trusted, accurate and thorough audit and assurance services ensure that our clients are well-informed, well-prepared and streamlined for optimum efficiency and compliance. We help clients understand and master their unique financial challenges while helping them see opportunities they might have missed without expert accounting and auditing services. 

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Professional bookkeeping and accounting services are critical for any organization that wants to stay on the correct side of an audit or in the good graces of a loan officer. For many businesses, contractors and not-for-profit organizations, a regular bookkeeping software package or ledger just can’t do enough to keep track of every necessary accounting form. It will save you more time and money to hire expert accounting and bookkeeping services than to try to do it all on your own. This is why outsourcing with an accounting firm with expertise in sorting the income statements from the office expenses and capital assets. F&Co is a trustworthy bookkeeping and accounting firm Northern Virginia organizations have relied on for years to help them organize, understand, track and manage all of their financial statements, government-auditable books and more. Rely on us for all of the following accounting and bookkeeping services: 

  • Annual, quarterly and monthly reporting and review of financial statements
  • Budgeting and forecasting services
  • Accounts payable and receivable 
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Expense reports and processing
  • Cash management and reconciliation
  • General ledgers
  • Trial balances
  • Monthly reporting
  • Accounting software training
  • Financial performance analysis 
  • Real-time financial metrics 
  • Audit preparation and support services
  • Federal, state and local tax planning and compliance services
  • Design and implement of reliable internal controls

We can also help you get the most out of your accounting software, make sure you know how it works so you can track what you need to track, and then help you gain valuable financial insights from the data all year long. We can help you save time so that you can spend more time doing what you do best in your organization! With our expertise, you can use this knowledge to make well-informed decisions that help you avoid pitfalls and achieve desired business objectives. 

Tax Planning & Preparation

With strong bookkeeping and accounting services from your CPA, tax planning and preparation becomes much easier and less stressful when tax season rolls around. In fact, expert tax planning throughout the year (not just in the spring) can give you a competitive edge, improve profitability and streamline daily operations. We assist clients in creating an overall tax strategy for the entire year, based on their changing needs, so that they have a firm grasp on their total tax liability, don’t miss any details about real estate, payroll, sales, income or use taxes that may impact them across federal, state, local and international tax laws. With a long-term, holistic tax planning approach, your business stays in the clear and enjoys peace of mind without any surprise inquiries from the IRS. F&Co provides the tax planning and preparation services

Northern Virginia organizations can rely on, including: 

  • Compliance with international, federal, state and local tax laws
  • Individual, partnership and corporate tax planning 
  • Planning and preparation of corporate tax returns
  • Tax resolution and representation before the IRS
  • Payroll, real estate, sales and use tax planning and reporting
  • Legal structuring for tax compliance

Don’t waste another spring worrying about and trying to organize all of your documents for tax time. Rely on F&Co to help you develop a long-term, flexible and year-round tax compliance system that will save you headaches and trouble with the IRS. 

Accounting System Design and Support

In order to run a successful, streamlined, audit-ready organization, you need to have a smooth, accounting system design that establishes efficient, reliable internal controls, helps you protect your assets, prevent unnecessary costs and provides you real-time financial data so you can make wise decisions. F&Co helps you with accounting system design and support so that crucial budget and accounting information is correctly collected, recorded and reported in a way that matches your business specifications and needs. Your accounting system needs to have established internal controls that actually capture and prevent errors. As your business grows, your accounting system design may need to grow and evolve with you, so it’s important to have expert CPAs who understand accounting systems guide you through the process to ensure your data is precise, correct and audit-ready. We can help you design and implement your accounting system, train staff on how it works and provide necessary support and adaptation along the way so you can plan ahead and make intelligent decisions going forward. 

Job Costing & Government Accounting

Accounting for government contractors is a very specialized type of accounting with a host of requirements that are essential to comply with Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Defense Contract Audit Agency. Job costing and allocation is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of staying on the right side of these requirements at all times. Doing business with the federal government requires an extreme amount of detail and not all accounting systems are up to the task, which is why you need a professional and experienced accounting firm Northern Virginia businesses can trust to understand the minutiae of job costing and government accounting requirements. We can help you set up a system to track all allocated costs, from vendor bills and time cards to invoicing and DCAA compliance bookkeeping to eliminate errors and remain in compliance for all timesheet histories, distribution reports, profit and loss reports and more. 

Nonprofit & Fund Accounting

F&Co is proud to support and provide accounting services to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations in Northern Virginia, including schools, government agencies, charities, foundations, research and scientific organizations, federal award recipients, housing agencies, private clubs, trade associations, unions, professional associations, religious organizations, healthcare and social service organizations and more. We help with all aspects of accounting and advising, bookkeeping, financial statements, auditing and tax services so that you remain compliant and can succeed in your various missions to support a thriving community. We use our unique and experienced risk-based assessment approach to help you remain audit-ready and able to provide transparent and clear audit results each time. Our accounting services ensure your finances remain on track.

Retirement & Employee Benefit Plan

Whether you have fewer or more than 100 employees, understanding the details, benefits and considerations of different retirement and employee benefits is incredibly important. We can help you decide which types of benefits will work best for your organization and employees, from Traditional and Roth IRAs, SEP-IRAs, 401(k) and defined benefit plans, health and welfare and other employee benefit plans. Our employee benefits advisors can help you understand the different qualifications, tax-filing requirements, distributions and contribution limits so that you can pick the right retirement and benefits package for your employees.

Retirement and Health & Welfare Plan Audits

In addition to selecting the right retirement and employee benefits plans for your organization, you’ll need to prepare for annual plan audits if you have 100 or more employees. The stakes are high when it comes to any audit, so it’s essential to choose an experienced retirement and employee benefits auditor who can guide you through the process flawlessly and with clear, transparent reporting. F&Co has worked with a wide range of organizations to help and advise them, while establishing that your plan meets all compliance requirements and regulations. We can also help you pinpoint problems and help you remedy any issues so that you can fix them expeditiously and stay confident that your plans are reliable and pass all auditing requirements. 

Business Plans and Valuations

Maintaining and updating your business plan and having a current business valuation in the files can help businesses and not-for-profit organizations in good times and difficult ones as well. Business plans can provide a road map, check points and benchmarks that will help you evaluate your progress from week to week, month to month and quarter to quarter as you strive forward with your overall goals. In conjunction with business plan advising and assessment, a current business valuation can serve you in a variety of situations including: 

  • If you decide to sell the company
  • Creating a startup company
  • During a merger or acquisition
  • If you are looking to expand your business
  • When adding a new partner

Working with your Northern Virginia certified business valuator can help you understand the full extent of your intangible and tangible assets. Having a regular business valuation session on hand can also help in times of trouble such as divorce, splitting with a business partner or even in the event of some kind of natural disaster. 

Estate and Wealth Accumulation

In addition to our business, organization, contractor and nonprofit financial planning services, Northern Virginia families and individuals can also work with our experienced estate planning, personal finance and wealth accumulation advisors on family financial and accounting plans and reports that will help you establish and maintain growing resources for your future plans and your family’s future financial security. This includes everything from investment management, retirement planning and estate tax planning to collaboration on personal finance, cash flow generation and wealth accumulation. Whatever your personal financial goals and needs, we can help you lift insight from your financial situation and find the right pathway forward. We are eager to help you achieve your financial goals for a secure and prosperous future. 

Litigation Support Services

If your organization is involved in pending or current litigation and needs assistance, contact F&Co for expert litigation support services Northern Virginia businesses and nonprofits can count on. We can help you compile and organize documentation to refute or support a claim, examine and assess documentation for the case, review damages and assess reports from the opposition and assist with settlement negotiations. We can help you during the hearing or trial, assisting you during cross-examination and dealing with arguments from the opposing party. Whether you are being litigated against or you need to litigate to protect your interests, this is not an area you should walk into alone. Expert litigation support services can guide you through the morass of documentation, arguments, claims and counterclaims and help you get to the other side.

Fraud Investigation Services

If you are concerned that your business has been defrauded or that potential misconduct has been going on in your organization, you need expert fraud investigation services and forensic accounting experts on your side immediately. The moment you discover any suspicious activity going on with your finances, it’s important to shut down further damage and trace the source of misconduct without delay. Very few organizations even like to think about this kind of thing, and most don’t know where to turn when a discovery like this comes to light. If you run into any problems like these, please contact F&Co immediately for assistance in the following areas: 

  • Financial reporting irregularities investigation
  • Fraud investigations
  • Audit and transaction analysis
  • Discovery of unreported assets and income
  • Partnership dispute resolution
  • Insurance disputes
  • Examination of financial records for inconsistencies
  • Divorce-related accounting issues
  • Suspicions of white-collar crime 

Make sure to tackle any of these or other suspicious activities in your organization as quickly as possible to shut them down and retain your transparent and honest financial reputation. You can count on our expert fraud investigation services to get you safely through these difficulties. 

Hire a CPA Northern Virginia Leaders Trust 

If you need accounting, advisory and tax services in Northern Virginia, you need a firm with the expertise and experience necessary to ensure perfect accuracy, trust and quality assurance. Each department in our firm is an expert in their particular field and upholds the highest ethical standards. They are also cross trained to understand the full range of each client’s needs and can then involve others on our team who are best suited to address each aspect of a client’s operations. We constantly train and stay on top of any new regulatory changes and financial reporting complexities so that we can help you see ahead and stay agile, efficient and successful. Your success is our passion. Contact us today for financial trusted intelligence: (703) 257-0660.

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