Tax, Accounting and Financial Services

F&Co is a full service public accounting and advisory services firm located in Northern Virginia. Our professional services are divided into two primary categories – Assurance Services and Advisory Services. The Managing Director of Assurance Services oversees financial statement audits and reviews, financial accounting and reporting, indirect cost allocation plans and overhead rates. The Managing Director of Advisory Services oversees all tax and financial planning and wealth accumulation services. Under Advisory Services, our firm also offers business coaching and consulting services, tax planning and forecasting, employee benefit and deferred compensation plans, and accounting system reviews and requirements.

Our professional services are segregated to ensure that we uphold the highest ethic standards and remain independent. However, our professionals are crossed trained and well seasoned to ensure that we keep our clients informed of matters related to their operations. We realize that our services must remain flexible to meet the ever-increasing complexities of financial reporting, whether regulatory in nature or involving matters of best practice and operational efficiencies.

  • Financial Audits & Reviews
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Statistical Survey & Ballot Counts
  • Nonprofit & Fund Accounting
  • Job Costing & Gov’t Accounting
  • Accounting System Support
  • Retirement & Employee Benefits
  • Accounting System Support
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Retirement & Employee Benefits
  • Estate & Wealth Accumulation
  • Business Plans & Valuations
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Fraud Investigation Services

Comp​ilation vs Review vs Audit

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